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About Program

A pimp is only married to one thing in his life and that's the game!

Nothing and no one can come between him and his money. Mack's life was a little different, he was rare and real as the game itself. Being the son of a pimp and having a prostitute as a mother, his ability to walk a thin line of love and hate between drugs and pimps, and life and death made him fearless and very dangerous. The streets were hot this summer and payback was the only piece of mind Mack was looking for. He had only one person to see no matter what, Memphis Slimm.

Pimpin Ken

I was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1964 by Collie and Juanita Ivy. When I was nine we moved to , WI where I attended Holmes Grade School, Lincoln Middle and High School. I attended The University of Wisconsin Baraboo. The name Pimpin' Ken was first given to me by HBO when the documentary "Pimps Up and Hos Down" aired in 1997. It was at that time that I realized I had a talent for the ca...